Contextz (beta) - Generate Real-Word Examples of Word Usage in a Sentence.

🏷Contextz is a language learning app designed to help writers, editors, and students enhance and deepen their understanding of word usage. With its powerful AI algorithms, Contextz generates contextually appropriate sentence examples based on your text input, providing practical insights into how words are used in different contexts in a wide range of fields of study, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, health sciences, business and management, fine arts, education, agriculture and environmental studies, as well as law and legal studies. ❚❚❚ 📄HOW TO: Simply enter a word into Contextz (one word at a time) and choose the field of study. Then, the AI-powered engine will provide you with a curated selection of sentences that demonstrate how the word is used in real-world contexts. ❚❚❚ 📌NOTE: This app is a beta version and FREE to use. It currently only supports sentences from scholarly publications.

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